Particle Fire
Version 3 Copyright � 1996-1999 Christian Cohnen

The ParticleFire Applet uses a particle system to create a fire effect.

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change color values
change parameters of the particle system


name value-typ description default must be set ?
link Url null no
targetWindow String the window for showing the link (_blank, _parent e.g.) _this no
image URL image (use a transparent gif)
image2 URL image when mouse is over applet area
particles int number of particles 500 no
sinus int value for sinus movement of particles 16 no
backColor Color Color Theme no
lowColor Color Color Theme no
midColor Color Color Theme no
upColor Color Color Theme no
endColor Color Color Theme no

Code Example:

<!--Particle Fire Copyright (c) Christian Cohnen -->
<!-- -->

<applet archive="ParticleFire.jar" code="ParticleFire.class" height="120" width="100" >
<param name="sinus" value="16">
<param name="particles" value="512">