MMS-C Multimedia Messaging Center

Back in 2002-2003 I was involved in a number of Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMS-C) system integration projects for Ericsson in the german mobil telecommunication market introducing MMS. Working with the first Mobile phones like Ericsson T68 and Nokia 7650 that did support sending and receiving MMS. Besides setting up infrastructure for MMS-Cs for german telco companies I also developed a couple of Cebit fair showcases like WEB/WAP content portals for MMS and a system for Over the Air (OTA) configuration of mobile phones (to automatic configure WAP and MMS settings for mobiles).

Projects also included setup of Ericsson Multimedia Library (MML) system, a content portal of images and sounds to be used in MMS.

That was a lot of fun and a good experience, MMS did cost quite a lot in germany these days so may MMS rest in peace forever ;)

Wireless Banking

Developed one of the first mobile WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) banking application for a bavarian bank, providing stock market information. With support for multiple correct rendering of markup for leading mobile phones in the market to that time: Nokia, Ericsson (like R380 the first Symbian OS phone), Siemens.

Worked on Mobile Digital Signature for Wireless Banking involving Ericsson Wireless Wallet Prototype (a portable smartcard reader with built in bluetooth) and a special version of Ericsson R520m “Tiger Stripe” with adopted firmware. Show cased wireless signing of banking transactions using smartcard at Cebit Hannover.

Research Projects (as University Research Assistent)


cadaxLogo_gross Publication about CaDaX: Hampe, J. F.; Cohnen, C.: CaDaX: A Prototype for SIM-Card Data Exchange. Proceedings of: Conference on Telecommunications and Information Markets: COTIM2001, Karlsruhe, 2001. The CaDaX project is under further development by IWI.

(see more at the University of Koblenz CaDaX webpage. page no longer available)


noviceLogo3D200Another Project at University of Koblenz is Notification of Email via SMS and Voice (NOVICE). See NOVICE at University of Koblenz webpage. The project was financed by Deutsche Telekom Berkom GmbH.

(see Annual Report on Research: page no longer available)