Zoom Fader
Version 2.1 Copyright © 1998-2000 Christian Cohnen

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can be clickable link
shows url in status bar if mouse is over applet are


name value-typ description default must be set ?
link url applet will link to this url if you press left mouse button no
targetWindow String name of the used window to open url (e.g. _blank,_parent ..)
logo url the image is shown over the fire effect,
translucent (so use a gif image)
zoom int (4..100) Zoomfactor 75
zoomRand int (0..) Range of random value added to Zoom 25
dots int (0..) 40
logo url name of gif (!!!) to use for logo
add color theme (palette)

Code Example:


<!-- Zoom Fader Copyright (c) Christian Cohnen -->
<!-- http://www.chriscohnen.de -->

<applet archive="ZoomFader.jar" code="pixelfx.ZoomFader.class" align="baseline" width="200" height="150">
<param name="logo" value="zoom_red.gif">
<param name="zoom" value="90">
<param name="zoomRand" value="0">
<param name="link" value="http://www.chriscohnen.de/java/index.htm">