Water Applet 2.1

Copyright (c) by Christian Cohnen 1996-2003

The applet simulates a water surface with raindrops falling on it. You can customize this with your own images and colors.

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Mouse interaction, make fine waves in the water !
Applet can link to any url. An image can be laid under the water surface.



name value-typ description default must be set ?
name filename logo, background image none no
color rgb value surface color (if no logo found) blue no
FPS - enables fps counter null no
link url hyperlink for left mouse button no
raindrops integer raindrop rate per 10 sec. 4
ships integer number of ships on the water surface 0

Code Example:

<applet code="Water2.class" width="100" height="100" archive="Water.jar" >
<param name=
"link" value="http://www.chriscohnen.de">
<param name=
<param name=
"color" value="#0000AF">
<param name=
"raindrops" value="25">