Pixel Dust Applet 3.02

Copyright (c)  Christian Cohnen 1997-2001

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name value-typ description default must be set ?
link url sets the url that is linked with left mouse button no
targetWindow String name of the used window to open url (e.g. _blank,_parent ..) no
logo   name of gif to use   yes
particles   number of pixels blown at the same time 400  
wait    time to wait after image is complete 100  
rangemin     10  
rangemax   the range of pixelstream is random between rangemin and rangemax rangemin+1  
distort   distortion of pixelstream 1000  


How can I change the background color of the applet ?

Color Index 0 of the gif is used for the background, you have to change color index 0 of the palette. You can do this with any graphic program (like paintshop or photoshop).

HTML Example:
<!-- PixelDust Copyright (c) Christian Cohnen -->
<!-- http://www.chriscohnen.de -->

<applet code="PixelDust.class" archive="PixelDust.jar" width="320" height="150">
<param name=
logo" value="logo.jpg">