Image Fader 2.2
Copyright © 1996-2003 Christian Cohnen

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The blend param is set and smooth value is set to 800 for a hard blend effect.

Embedded HTML Code:

<applet code="ImageFader.class" width="160" height="100">
<param name="wait" value="20">
<param name="speed" value="200">
<param name="image1" value="oil.gif">
<param name="image2" value="logo2.gif">
<param name="image3" value="texture.gif">
<param name="logo4" value="gfx.jpg">
<param name="blend">
<param name="smooth" value="800">
<param name="fade" value="fade2.gif">
<param name="link" value="">
<param name="targetWindow" value="_blank">