Fire Link
Version 3.3 Copyright � 1996-1999 Christian Cohnen

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The FireLink Applet calculates a realtime fire effect. The fire is set at the bottom line of the applet area.


can be a clickable link (navigate to an url)
set target window for link
shows url in status bar if mouse is over applet area
use a transparent foreground image
choose colors for effect
set fire parameters
mouse interaction

Note: pressing the right mouse button on the applet will automatic navigate the user to


name value-typ description default must be set ?
link Url sets the url that is linked with left mouse button null no
targetWindow String set window or HTML frame that is target for link
(e.g. "_blank","_self","_parent","_top" or a named window: "windowName")
image String the image is shown over the fire effect,
translucent (so use a gif image)
null no
image2 String same as the image parameter, but used (if set) when mouse if over the applet area


cool int (1..16) cooldown factor in the range  1 no
spots int number of new fire spots in the botton line width/16 no
clears int number of fire clears in the botton line width/8 no
mouse int mouse acts as torch no
backColor Color defines start value of color range #000000 no
midColor Color defines mid value of color range #FF0000 no
endColor Color defines end value of color range #00FFFF no

Code Example:

<!-- Fire Link Copyright (c) Christian Cohnen -->
<!-- -->

<applet align=baseline code=FireLink.class height="30" width="100" archive="FireLink">
<param name=
"link" value="">
<param name=
"image" value="hotlink.gif">
<param name=
"cool" value="2">
<param name=
"spots" value="20">
<param name=
"clears" value="10">
<param name=
"backColor" value="#000000">
<param name=
"midColor" value="#FF0000">
<param name=
"endColor" value="#FFFF66">
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