S3DE (Sanction 3D Engine)  

project status: stopped !

This was the first 3D Engine. All done at a time when graphics card where just 2D. So everything from drawing a line to move a sprite or rendering a triangle had to be implemented in software. Assembler Code for the rendering and C Code for the rest. The engine was used in the early Sanction PC Demo Group productions.


System: PC (Pentium and fast Graphic Card recommended) Enviroment:

  • DOS VGA,SVGA(Vesa) 8-, 15- and 16- Bit and Win95 (VfW 15Bit)
  • Graphic Modes DOS 8-Bit 320x200,320x240,320x400,….,1280x1024
  • Graphic Modes DOS 15-, 16- Bit 320x200,320x240,320x400,….,800x600
  • 8-Bit Rendering: lines, flatshading, gouraudshading, phongshading texturemapping gouraudshaded-texturemapping, phongshaded-texturemapping bumpmaped-phongshading, bumpmaped-phongshaded-texturing translucent-gouraud-texturemapping new: perspective texturemapping (decomposi ng, scanline subdivison or per pixel) enviroment-mapping, phongshaded enviroment-mapping, phong-glas-mapping
  • r,g,b palette mapping for faces and textures
  • camera tracking on objects
  • 15-, 16-Bit Rendering: lines, flatshading, gouraudshading, phongshading, texturemapping, phongshaded-texturemapping

Rendering Features:

  • animated textures, animated structures
  • structure morphing, liniear path movement for objects
  • additional effects (8-Bit only): planet projection, starfield background

Import / File Formats

  • 8-Bit-PCX-Images for background and textures for 15-, 16-Bit Version JPEG-Images and 8-Bit-PCX-Images
  • Mesh Converter: triangulated polygons, 3D-Studio asc-files, Caligary cob-files (ascii) into own ascii or binary file-format
  • DOS Demo-System
  • Sound: GUS support (SB for noise), S3M Format
  • Virtual-File-System

MS-DOS examples

Win95 examples