The Pure3 game engine was the follow up of Pure2 engine. The main difference is the use of DirectX hardware accelerated rendering instead of using software renderers. Programming was done by Pinker and myself. The Project started around end of 1997 and was continued during 1998.

The game engine is implemented in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. Small parts are optimized inlining x86 assembler code.

The game level consists of a cube structure, which is used to optimize occlusion using a portal rendering algorithm.

Some nice gfx features are:

  • lensflares
  • enviroment mapping
  • animated textures
  • animated objects.

Game Features:

  • Collision detection
  • basic monster AI
  • doors
  • player can walk
  • roll and swim
  • auto camera tracks player
  • in addition player can control some camera parameters
  • underwater bubbles
  • fake bump mapping

Particle System: used for missle smoke trails, missle explosions, light fountain.

screenshots: particles
torus fire lensflare water