showcases - overview of my graphics coding stuff

All this stuff is more than 15 years old!! It was at a time where graphic cards didn’t have any 3D and 2D acceleration. So most of the projects rely on CPU and FPU for doing the 3D graphics. Target CPU 486 and early Pentium CPUs //cc

realtime computer graphics

programming Christian Cohnen

ogl_smDDS texture tutorial for use with OpenGL / LWJGL in java DDS tutorial (full java source code) /august 2004


blobs3Metaballs updated Blobs JAVA DEMO Research January 2001        

sonne_snap Planet Simulation (download pc version) programmed in Watcom C. Inspired by Simon Herns “Bouncing Planets”. It displays two planets and the sun. For the sun corona a fire effect is rendered in realtime. All planets rotate around one axis (a limitation of the display algorithm). Planets are shaded using a lightmap. The light vector can be changed and the lightmap is recalculated if it does. To run this on Windows or Mac use DOSEMU or any other DOS emulator.



(download pc version) Landscape Renderer using Floating Horizon Hidden Line Removal (FHHLR) algorithm, gouraud shading for the landscape and background 2D image. When flying a cure to left or right  screen shearing is used to saturn_002simulate camera dispositon.You can change your viewpoint up/down and fly up, down, left, right,  forward and backward. Programmed in Watcom C. To run this on Windows or Mac use DOSEMU or any other DOS emulator.


2D Blob Simulation

Positive and negative Blobs. Additional feature: background distortion. Programmed with Watcom C. (download source code) you can also have a look at the java version applet (see 2D blob).  

s3de S3DE 3D Engine first full 3D engine programmed in Watcom C and assembler    

3Dto3D Converter programmed 1994 in Watcom C   pure3 PURE3 Game Engine  DirectX, in 1997,98 PURE2 Game Engine DOS, in 1997

 papers & research

Studienarbeit Perspektivisches Texture Mapping Vergleich von Algorithmen November 1996 (only in german language)

My first vector editor I implemented had 10000 lines of pascal and x86 asm code back in 1994 Compared to software nowadays this looks pretty simple ;)   veced_12_000