by Chris

last updated 2005

C2 is a small 3d engine protoype based on tje Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL).

Implementation is in Java. Java provides a comfortable environment to look into and experiment with OpenGL and realtime computer graphics.

2005.jan: added scripting support, interactive console 2004.dez: added Quake 3 Map loader, Quake 3 model loader (MD3) screen_md3screen_level

to open console press ^ on the keyboard. console commands:

command description
source scriptname execute java file in shell
level filename load Quake3 map file
create torus/btorus/skybox create new instance of type
model lara/ammo/gun/railgun/armor load predefined model
model *.md2 / *.md3 / *.dd load model with filename md2, md3 and dd format supported  model data/md2/drfreak.md2 model data/md2/hobgoblin.md2 model data/flower3.dd model hamster.dd
clone %1 clone object from graveyard e.g. “clone gun”
create torus / skybox create new object of type torus and add to scene
bounding 0 / 1 disable or enable drawing bounding sphere each object
boundingbox 0 / 1 disable or enable drawing oriented bounding box OBB around each object
boundingaabb 0 / 1 disable or enable drawing AABB around each object
debug 0 / 1 disable or enable debug output

snyc [0|1]

disable or enable sync


switch display to fullscreen mode


switch display to window mode

help  / ?

show help

node-list  / ?

list all objects in scene tree

node-show %1  / ?

print information of named node

texture-list  / ?

list textures info

material-list  / ?

list materials info

remove %1  / ?

remove object with name %1 from scene

exit  / ?

stops the program and exit to desktop

freeflightcam  / ?

change camera to free-flight mode

cameracontrol   / ?

change camera control

change_texturefilter [anis|mipmap|normal]

change filtering to anistropic, mipmap or standard

currently only basic stuff is implemented:: like scene management, object cloning, sphere collision, box collision, support for different image formats like png,jpg,tga,dds classes for controlling md2 or md3 animated models. Freeflight and 3rd person camera curved surfaces webstart examples::Webstarts